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One truth project
study group

One Truth Project
study group

什麼是One Truth Project On Islam??https://www.onetruthproject.org/onlinecourses/one-truth-course-on-islam
這課程是比起穆宣1.0更進深的穆宣課程,是一個網上授課的英語課程,主要有四個穆宣專家授課,其中有Dr Jay Smith在課程當中。



Lincoln J Loo


This is my second time to take the Pfander course, but this time I also joined the study group on every friday evening. Pfander course provides a lot of updated information of the recent researches about Islam, it is very useful. And the teacher of the study group gives us guidance about how to use these information while we are talking with Muslim friends. After taking the course & the study group, I am now better equipped to share the good news with Muslim friends.

Doris Au

Student 2019-2020

I learnt about the history of Islam and facts related to Quran. This makes me understand more about the contradictions inside Quran and also against the real history.

According to Quran, all human including Muslim would go to hell. They have no confidence of whether they could get the mercy from Allah to go to paradise. And Islam would treat other religious like Christians as enemies, but that is not the presentation in some societies.

This is a huge contrast of the above learnings of Islam against my understanding of Christianity. It makes me more confident in believing the truth of Jesus and bible especially when comparing the Quran and Bible.

In the session of book report sharing, I understand much more about the expansion of the Islam in Europe nowadays. It is the result of Christians leaving Jesus Christ and giving up the responsibilities of preaching in the land with a long history of Christianity background. This reminds me to react in my HK society promptly.

I would also encourage the Christians to take this course. Because the experience sharing of the material learnt for engaging Muslims helps me understand more on how to better react to the questions raised by them. It is not talking some theories, but also practicing.

Ben Chan

Student 2019-2020

The Pfander’s Course on Islam an introductory course on comparative religions which equips us from defending Christianity to criticising Islam. It provides up-to-date useful materials for apologetics and polemics. The course, covering theological insights, historical and textual critique, missional and social implications, builds solid foundation on comparative studies between Christianity and Islam. Lecturers are frontline experienced missionaries who are experts in engaging Muslims around the world. Their experiences and knowledge would inspire Christians to become true followers and humble servants of our Lord Jesus Christ to share the Gospel with Muslims strategically and effectively. See you all coming September. Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Ka Yeung

Student 2018-2019, 2019-2020

再一次完成今年的Pfander. 認識到更多願意去傳福音给穆斯林的弟兄姊妹。同心合意去做同一事奉,真是好得無比。因再次参與今年的學習,對穆斯林傳福音的技巧,認識更有把握。
知道作為基督徒,傳福音是神給我們的大使命,看着世界的日漸混亂,知道神回來的日子漸近。希望在神的事工上有份,到那日得着的不是神的責備就好。希望新加入穆宣的弟兄妹妹,在看到我這段分享後,都來参與Pfander, 肯定你所得必多。祝福大家!


Student 2018-2019, 2019-2020

  1. 有特別的同學:有團隊精神
  2. 有特別的老師:講三小時課也可以繼續講,有豐富的資料,有趣味性,有愛人靈魂的心
  3. 我的轉化:從害怕到關愛,從911,ISIS的強大勢力,轉化到了解他他們的信仰背後的黑暗,知道主耶穌的拯救是唯一的出路。
  4. 意外收穫:可以認識到很多印尼姐姐,可以將主的愛傳給她們,可以每週出隊傳福音養成傳福音的習慣,向鄰居傳,向街坊傳,向親友傳,去飲茶等位時向清潔姐姐傳。


Bonnie Hui

Student 2018-2019, 2019-2020


什麼是One Truth Project Study Group In Hong Kong 2020-2021
(*這Study Group必需報左上面的One Truth Project On Islam才可以參與的)
這Study Group是有心一起研討One Truth Project課程的弟兄姊妹而建立的,由穆宣專家Dr Lincoln J Loo授課,大家好擔心用英文學習穆宣有很大阻礙,但Dr Lincoln會甪廣東話授課,深入淺出,令你們明白One Truth Project內的内容,甚至出隊時遇到的難題,也可在課堂中發問和討論,使大家一班有心穆宣的同路人一起成長。


如何報讀One Truth Project Study Group In Hong Kong 2020?

Step1:https://www.onetruthproject.org/onlinecourses/one-truth-course-on-islam(首先必需填上Application Form報讀One Truth Project On Islam網上課程)


Step3: 我們收到你的申請後,經網上面試,便可正式參與Study Group

如果報讀One Truth Project的弟兄姊妹:
可享用 HIA Library 每年會增加約15本英文穆宣書,弟兄姊妹要收費200HKD才可永久享用圖書館,收取的費用主要用作每年買新書用的。而且每位One Truth Project同學每年不單止要完成One Truth Project課程,還要在HIA Library搵一本書做讀書報告。

Welcome to join us

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