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A letter to muslims

Dear friend,

Are you searching for the Truth? Do you want to know who Yesua is? I am here to help you. 

May I share with you why I became a Christian? I grew up not believing in God and judgement after death. I wondered why I should experience all the turmoils and hardships in my life and finally die in pain and agony without any meaning. So I attempted to kill myself when I was 15. I was put into a hospital, but I refused to eat and drink. After several days, I tried again to kill myself with a sharp object but a nurse stopped me and tied me up on a bed. After a few days an old lady came to me with a tract but I was not even able to read it. A nurse came and advised her not to speak to me for I wasn’t mentally stable. She left the tract and looked at me with deep compassion I would never forget. She slowly walked away and left the ward. Then a gentle voice in my heart urged me to call on Jesus. Initially I refused to call on Jesus because I didn’t believe He was real. But the voice kept urging me. Finally I cried out, “Jesus, save me! Jesus, save me!” The idea of killing myself was gone immediately. After I was released from the hospital, I began to read the Bible. John chapter 3 verse 16 grabbed my attention :  

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” 

The love of God touched me. He had sent his Son “Yesua” (Jesus’ name in Arabic) to die on the cross to prove His unconditional love for me. I bowed down and called on the name of Jesus. An overwhelming peace came over me. My spirit was relieved. I was finally free. Jesus had granted me a new life and I would never again have the wish to commit suicide.

My friend, God loves you deeply and His gift “eternal life” is ready for you. Why would you reject it? 
Tell me your story. Ask me questions. Challenge me with your skepticism.  

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