Horizons International (Asia) 國際視野(亞洲)

穆宣短期體驗 – 香港

HK STORM 2020 

穆斯林正在香港急速擴展 :

  • 穆斯林人數已經超越基督徒穩定崇拜人數

  • 正興建第7座坐堂清真寺

  • 公開街頭傳教

  • 大學穆斯林學生會

  • 有策略向大學生和中學生傳教

  • 香港穩定崇拜基督徒人數 – 26萬 86% 86%
  • 香港穆斯林人數 – 超過30萬 100% 100%


STORM 2020 Short-Term Outreach to Muslims

Stir up your heart and mind by training and equipping you to reach out to Muslims in Hong Kong.


If you participate in STORM 2020, you are expected to work with HIA to reach out to Muslims after STORM 2020 concludes.


  1. Knowledge.

Christian Apologetics:

How to defend key truths of Biblical Christianity (the reason for the hope in you).

How to answer:

  • “Jesus never said, ‘I am God. Worship me.’”
  • “Christians worship three gods.” • “The Bible has been corrupted.” • More.

Muslim Polemics:

How to challenge Muslim claims, beliefs, and practices (with gentleness and respect):

  • “The Qur’an is perfect, without a single mistake or contradiction.”
  • “We Muslims worship the same god as you Christians.”
  • “The name of God is Allah.”
  • “Islam teaches true monotheism.”
  • “Jesus and all the prophets before Muhammad were Muslims.” • “Islam is peaceful religion.”
  • More.
  1. Mindset and skills on how to defend and how to challenge.

  2. Actual practice.


Mon, Aug 10 – Sun, Aug 16. 11:00-17:00.(Excluding Sunday)

Maximum number of participants: 12.

Age: Over 16 years old

Language: English & Cantonese

Admission Requirements.

  1. Baptized.
  2. Member of a local church.
  3. Ability to communicate in English.

Cost(meals on your own):

  1. Early Bird:

If we receive your completed application by July 14: HK700 

  1. Normal Price:

If we receive your completed application between July 15-26: HK1,000.

Please note:

  • Short-listed applicants will be interviewed via online.
  • You will receive instructions on how to make payment after you have been notified that your application has been successful.

Welcome to join us